Preparation time: 15 min Cooking: 0 min Servings: 5 Marinating time: about 1 hour This recipe is: Public Category: Desserts


1 pint fresh strawberries (about 3 cups) GLAZE 1 envelope strawberry 1 pie crust already baked


Step 1: Bake your pie crust or crust and chill before Graham. (If you have to cook).

Step 2: About 3 cups strawberries cut into pieces (cut a strawberry in about three) and reserve in a bowl.

Step 3: Better to have more strawberries and the tart will take better, because if too many GLAZE, it will not take place.

Step 4: With the strawberry bag GLAZE (follow the instructions: 1 cup of boiling water and 2/3cup sugar).

Step 5: Be sure to beat when the liquid thickens.

Step 6: When everything is mixed add the strawberries, when the glaze is still hot

Step 7: Pour into your pie dough and chill about 1 hour and serve.

Step 8: If you want a dessert that melts in your mouth even more, add whipped cream on it.

N.B.: Allergy Alert! Be sure to consult a health professional if in doubt.

Source: La Ferme des Petits Cailloux