Wild fresh mushrooms of your choice: chanterelles, porcini, chanterelles tubes, also trythe lobster mushroom (for its color and flavor reminiscent of saffron seafood!) And if you’re lucky: the trumpet of death or craterelle …

You can also mix more kinds ….

– Butter or oil

– Green onions or chives

– Freshly chopped garlic

– Salt and pepper

– Cream to your taste

Heat the butter or oil,

Add mushrooms (you have cleaned as needed)

Make the stir fry over high heat a few minutes, then reduce your heat and cook andreduce, when the water is almost evaporated, add the chives or scallions, and / or havefresh parsley, salt and pepper and why not a little cream …

Serve on crackers or baguette bread as an appetizer, as an accompaniment to meat, vegetables, add to an omelette … with rice or other grains ….

– Out of season, use dried mushrooms you have soaked, drain and proceed the sameway as the above recipe …

Keep your soaking water to make soup, sauce, cook pasta, rice or other grains ….

– The dried mushrooms can also be ground and used as seasoning your dishes in hot …

N.B.: Allergy Alert! Be sure to consult a health professional if in doubt.

Source: Forêts & papilles