Plume des Champs

Guinea fowl Mathieu Gosselin, who called his company “Plume des Champs” are raised outdoors in an aviary. And guinea fowl have 50 times more space than high building. “We immediately see the difference in taste. They are delicious and a higher quality with a very low fat. In fact, they have a taste that has to have any game worthy of the name, as the fowl is the game that compares favorably with the partridge, “he says. The taste of the bird lies between the chicken and duck, although it is much less fat than the latter. “Imagine the taste of turkey. Guinea fowl is, somehow, than turkey, “said Mathieu Gosselin.

Products sold at Marché Fermier

Guinea fowl vacuum packed, fresh or frozen
Confits, candied wings, chest, moss and gras, rillettes, sausages, whole fowl

Presence at the Marché Fermier

Every Thursdays October 17 and 31 and Sundays, October 13 and 27 and 10 November