Ferme Selby

At Selby Farm we raise heritage breeds of pork and poultry on pasture. We value the well-being of our animals and respect the environment surrounding them. Their feed contains no corn, no soy, nor growth hormones. We offer a product known for its high quality and distinctive taste. We distribute locally through farmer’s market and our on-farm boutique, all in an effort to build a relationship of trust with our clients.

Products sold at Marché Fermier

Frozen pork pieces, vacuum-packed, bacon, chops, squares, ribs, cubes, cutlets, filet, hams, bacon, osso bucco, rotis, sausages. Whole frozen chickens, vacuum packed.

Presence at the Marché Fermier

Every Thursdays, 16 May to October 31 and Sundays, 3 and 10 November

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