Boutique Bon Boeuf

We raise beef and veal on our family farm. We take pride in the genetic quality of our Angus cross herd. We believe in being environmentally responsible and raise our cattle as nature intended with the strictest attention to the well-being of the animals.

The feed for all the animals does not contain any GMOs nor antibiotics. Since we believe in raising our animals as naturally as possible, they are not implanted with hormones, allowing them to grow as nature intended. The animals are fed a forage-based diet and are not supplemented with grain.

The beef is aged 28 days and veal 14 days. All the meat is vacuum packed and frozen and cuts are available individually or in family boxes.

Products sold at Marché Fermier

Produits de veau et de boeuf : Bavette, bavette, bouts de côtes, contre-filet, cubes bourguignons, cubes à ragoût, escalopes, faux-filet, filet mignon, flanc, fondue chinoise, haché maigre et mi maigre, jaret, lanières, os, poitrine, roti côtes croisées, roti français et palette, steak Boston, steak de côte, surlonge, T-Bone et tournedos, abats, saucisses 100% bœuf.

Days at the market

Every Thursday from June 13 to October 31 and Sunday from September 1 to  November 10, 2019