Forêts et Papilles

Forêts et Papilles is the art of capturing the native aromas and plants from our forests!

From wild nature to your cup … Or your table … We create with love and passion gourmet herbal teas, forest spices, aromatized sugars, wild mushrooms … and much more!

Harvesting is made far from sources of pollution, in a responsible way, without jeopardizing fragile species and at the optimum moment, to guarantee the richness of nutrients.

Products sold at Marché Fermier

Raspberry Leaves, Cattail Hearts, Violin Head, Wild Elder, Wild Mint, Nettle. Condiments: sea salicorn. Fresh and dehydrated mushrooms: boletus, chanterelles, lobsters, trumpets, morels, oyster mushrooms. Mushrooms powder. Mustards of the sea and forest. Syrups of elderflower and wild roses. Tisanes: linden blossoms, wild mint, herbal tea, summer sweetness, winter sweetness. Labrador tea. Edible flowers, Forest spices. Dehydrated apples with varied flavors. Floral sugars, cut flowers (field flowers), meringues, biscuits.

Presence at the Marché Fermier

On Sundays 16, 30 June, 14, 21, 28 July -4, 11, 18 August – 29 September -6, 13 October