Where did the idea to have a market in town comes from?

The idea of ​​a farmers market in the center of our city Montreal flowered in the minds of Rachel Starr, Sabine Alpers and Cameron Stiff. It was in 2009 that their dream became a reality through an alliance with Greening Duluth, a project of the House of Friendship.

The original name of the Marché Fermier was Marché Duluth. The mission remains the same however: enable residents of the Plateau Mont-Royal to get closer to Quebec producers and to raise awareness of the benefits of eating locally.

The first season takes place in 2009

The market was located in the courtyard of the Ecole St-Jean-Baptiste, 4265 Laval Avenue, at the corner of rue Marie-Anne. Like today, it contained a variety of products including fruits, vegetables, honey, cheeses, maple syrup, meat and edible products. At that time, the market began at 10:00 every Sunday from the end of June to October.

In 2014 – A 6th season begins! And we moved!

Mid season, the Marché moved to Laurier metro station, between Berri and Rivard streets ( Place Côteau-St-Louis).

In 2015 – Marché Fermier was held at Laurier metro station!

The Marché Fermier’s season began earlier! A dozen producors opened the season on June 4th and more joined them in July. It took place at Laurier metro station, between Berri and Rivard Streets ( Place Côteau-St-Louis). The St-Joseph boulevard street work and the Laurier exit of the Laurier metro station closed for at lease four months during our season made circulation difficult.

Makes your mouth water! Fruits and vegetables (some organic), honey, bread, goat cheese, juices, jams, quiches, muffins, cider, wine, meats (lamb, veal of grain, duck, and guinea fowl), and more.

In 2016 – Marché Fermier will be held at Laurier metro station!

The season will be held from June 16th to October 30th on Thursday and Sunday as usual plus two Sunday in November, 6th and 13th.

Let us remind you, that Marché Fermier’s fruits and vegetables are not great travelers ! By reducing the distance traveled by the food, meaning the travel time, increases the freshness therefore its flavor. «For exemple, Marché Fermier eggplants travel on average 50 km before visiting the quebecers’ plates, in comparison with their american cousins that travel on average 1000 km».

Marché Fermier envisages the future with the insurance that people are more and more concerned by the way their food is cultivated, and where it comes from. There is even a new word which made its appearance in the French language; “locavore”, a term indicating a person who eats local!

Eat Local !


Parent organization of Le Marché Fermier